Weitblick 1.7

A conspicuous cubage and a luminous façade: Koschany + Zimmer Architekten KZA developed the design for a special office building in the competitive multiple commission for the Augsburg commercial project Weitblick 1.7.

The concept takes into account the prominent location in the Augsburg Innovation Park. The building stretches between the three corners of the property and forms three triangular courtyards. They serve as external address and drive but also form the internal address along the pedestrian passage. The third courtyard incorporates the flanking green space as a recreational area into the property.

The building is divided into three levels: The ground floor offers a public forum, with catering and daycare facilities as well as co-working workstations. Research and development facilities can also be found here. In the three storeys above, the building displays full-surface office structures.

The conclusion edge is formed by an event floor with flexible conference areas. A light and media concept makes it possible to stage the event space in a variety of ways.