It is to become the world’s first centre for fitness: THE MIRAI – Japanese for “the future” – is the name of the fitness world the RSG Group plans to establish in Oberhausen. Koschany + Zimmer Architects KZA are developing the architectural concept for the building project.

THE MIRAI is being built in the former Thyssenhallen, very close to the CentrO shopping mall. The “Silicon Valley of the Fitness World” is expected to open in 2021. The KZA team is developing various uses for the existing halls. At the same time, the architects are planning two spectacular extensions that will make the THE MIRAI building visible from afar.

These include the reception building: a 22-metre-high tower with “stacked” open levels. The current design provides for changing rooms and all-round glazed training areas. They offer a good view of the surroundings and the gasometer. The top level serves as a media studio and advertising space.

A glass entrance and multifunctional hall spans between the tower and the existing premises. A wide roof marks the main entrance. With a height of about nine metres, the hall is both showroom and a place for movement as well as a venue for events, with a separate entrance for special events. From a platform on the second floor, interested visitors can take a look into the main hall.

There, at the centre of the fitness world, there will be a mixture of training experience, shopping and health-oriented gastronomy with multimedia staging. Visitors can try out the latest trends in the fitness industry, take part in competitions and virtual trainings and experience innovations. The Skyrun, a 1000 metre long running track at a height of eight metres, floats above everything.

THE MIRAI is also meant to become a place of science: The plans are to set up a training and research centre in the old existing building. The administration of the fitness center is also accommodated there.

Further insights into the project can be found on the MIRAI website.

Renderings: © THE MIRAI