Residential area Marienweg, Cologne

A car-free green center as the central meeting place: this idea characterizes the redesign of a neighbourhood in Weiden, a suburb of the city of Cologne.

For the house-building association GWG Rhein-Erft, Koschany + Zimmer Architekten KZA plan a housing project in Marienweg. There will be five buildings with 33 apartments and an underground car park.

The design relies on a small-scale building structure that absorbs the structures of the environment. Two smaller buildings will be constructed on Diepenbeekallee in the north, three larger ones in the western and south-eastern part of the property.

Tenants can access their apartments via staircases with lifts. The two- to five-room apartments have balconies or terraces and are mostly equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows. Bright clinker strips determine the facade appearance of the massive buildings. In addition, the window openings are visually accentuated by framing of light plaster.

In order to promote the idea of the car-free district center, the parking spaces are arranged underground. A promenade running from north to south serves as a meeting point for the neighbourhood, with playgrounds for children.