Neue Bahnstadt Opladen

Together with LIST Develop Residential, Koschany + Zimmer Architekten KZA developed a concept for two construction sites in the district of Opladen in Leverkusen in spring 2017. This is where the project “Neue Bahnstadt Opladen” will be built – a neighborhood with living space, educational facilities, workplaces, shopping facilities and green space.

The concept was submitted as part of an investor selection process. It provides for a joint overbuilding of two construction fields. In the corresponding draft, a building’s angle closes the area along the railway line and in the direction of the district square – thus ensuring noise protection and, at the same time, opening towards the green interior. Inside, three four-storey tower blocks are set in the green environment – slightly offset from one another.

The design for the smaller plot provides for the construction of only one property. This is developed as an angular building sculpture along the railway line and towards a dead-end road. That way, as many apartments as possible can benefit from the qualities of the noise-protected inner courtyard.

Both designs provide for a mixed housing stock, including subsidized housing, family and age-appropriate living as well as micro-apartments.