Modular pilot scheme 01


Modular pilot scheme 02

Individual and serial

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Building process

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Building process

Modular Living

After only three months of construction, Vonovia opened its first serially built residential building in the Hofstede district of Bochum in December 2016.

Together with the KZA team, Germany’s leading housing construction company launched the modular construction project for affordable housing.

The new pilot project forms the prelude to a whole series of houses in Germany. They arise wherever a sensitive concentration is possible in low-density urban quarters. The precise areas where people want to live today: in urban environments, in grown structures – and at the same time with affordable rents.

Serial Architecture

Creative and individual

Our aim was to rethink living architecture completely new, completey different, with plenty of living quality on less, but therefore optimized square meters.
Nina Bendler

Monotonous architecture?

The recent construction of Vonovia in Bochum proves that serial construction is also creative and individual. The team from KZA had creatively worked on a new concept. “We wanted to rethink housing construction with the aim of creating a high quality of living on less, optimized square meters,” explains Nina Bendler, responsible director at KZA. “We have integrated kitchenettes, smartly designed bathrooms and space-saving storage areas in the walls.” Serial production thus guarantees more favorable construction costs and, at the same time, faster construction time, which lasted only around three months in Bochum. It is above all the future users, who profit especially from this – by cheaper rents.

Monotonous architecture? Not at all. The Bochum prototype is structured in a lively manner, responds to the particular location and offers different floor plans with two, three or four rooms on each floor. The basic idea behind this is to work with prefabricated space modules on a small scale, and then react to the concrete location and the neighborhood in the overall architecture, the facade design and the building material selection. Each module measures 6.50 x 3.12 meter, is already factory-assembled with windows, doors, pipes and connection points for the later assembly and is delivered by truck. These modules are the heart and the living cells of the new buildings, whose external form changes individually from place to place.

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