Housing development Langemarckstrasse

Affordable housing with high-quality equipment is created in the district of Schonnebeck in Essen. On a property in the Langemarckstraße, WSG Housing Ltd. from Dusseldorf is building a multi-family house with 21 apartments. The construction of the building, designed by Koschany + Zimmer Architekten KZA, will start in autumn / winter 2018.

The property is currently cultivated with two semi-detached houses built in the mid-1950s. They have to be demolished. They will be superseded by the new building with three floors and a staggered storey. It was planned barrier-free with a total of three entrances.

The design by KZA, aligned parallel to the street, picks up and compensates for the existing slope: a continuous platform orientates itself to the alignment of the surrounding buildings and at the same time forms the forecourt of the building. From there, arriving guest have a view of the green courtyard. For the stairwells, which extend over the entire depth of the building, are continuously glazed.

All apartments – between 46 and 97 square meters in size – are equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows and underfloor heating. Terraces and loggias offer high living quality, too. They are  aligned to the rear garden area. On the third floor, the roof is partially used as a terrace area for the exterior apartments. There is a photovoltaic system, too.