“It always depends on the details!” … In the course of studies, this was the first thing we heard during the lectures on design or construction.

And yes, it is true!

Everyone can and will confirm this, especially architects. We have a different perspective when we walk through the streets.

Our friends smile when we stop at a window or a corner of a house during a walk and state: “Wow, this is a nice detail!” This blog entry is just about these moments in everyday life and on journeys, because even on trips the admiration of rough concrete, steel details, window and door connections and dewatering guides along the roof edge and the wall does not stop …

It is these details that make architecture unique and timeless.

The following selection of pictures is intended to give you a little insight into what fascinates us and what we really see when we just stand still on a walk and cannot stop being astonished. This can be both details of the big ones (Tadao Ando or SANAA) and the little ones, partial details of unknown origin as well as details of “non-buildings”.

Enjoy browsing …