… they love to go to Singapore again and again! This is because the city offers the best opportunities for sightseeing.

After a surprisingly pleasant twelve-hour flight, you will finally land at Singapore Changi Airport. While we know most of the airports as tiled and rather clean places, Changi Airport impresses with its extravagant carpeting, driverless transport, waterfalls and vertical wall greening on a grand scale.

It is noticeable on the way to the hotel already that Singapore places a great deal of importance on cleanliness and order. Maybe it’s because of the partially ridiculed punishments, like 1,000 euros for chewing gum spits or 500 euros for eating and drinking in the subway. But the Singapore inhabitants seem to like having things structured. For example, people would never use the escalator on the wrong side (left-hand traffic – so go right and stand left, at the beginning this is very unusual for Europeans).

Apart from the temperatures and barely tolerable humidity, Singapore is a fantastic city for a variety of sightseeing. The city consists of countless districts, characterized by different cultures. In addition to the still quite young and very impressive quarter Marina Bay, the traditional neighborhoods are also very impressive, such as Chinatown, Little India, Holland Village and the colonial district.

Singapore is considered to be one of the richest countries in the world, so living in Singapore can be expensive. On famous Orchard Road, you can make use of your credit cards in the designer shops. But even in the countless shopping malls, it becomes obvious that shopping seems to be a kind of popular sport. For the residents and visitors with a smaller budget, it is especially the food that becomes a special experience. In the so-called Hawker Centers, you will find small “stalls” in a kind of food court where they serve a full meal for the equivalent of 2 euros, but unfortunately without air conditioning … Admittedly, you will need a little bit of courage to taste the predominantly Asian food because normally, looking for European food will be in vain. But it is usually worth it.

If you think of Singapore, most people immediately have a picture of the 5-star hotel Marina Bay Sands in mind. However, it is worth taking a look around the huge hotel complex. The ArtSciens Museum makes the architect’s heart beat faster due to its exciting shape, reminiscent of a lotus flower. The huge botanical garden – Gardens by the Bay makes you feel like you were on the planet Pandora. Supertrees, made of braided steel, provide an ideal place for climbing plants and give the impression of real trees of a distant planet.

The huge hotel complex impresses visitors with its extraordinary appearance, of course. However, one gets the feeling that the energy put into the exterior design of the building has been lost indoors. Unfortunately, the three lobbies of the respective towers seem unspectacular. The sail hoisted at a height of 200 meters offers tourists a spectacular view over Singapore, which can be enjoyed wonderfully while having a Singapore Sling cocktail.