Pros and cons of serial housing construction

In the October 2017 issue of the magazine Deutsches Architektenblatt, Frank Maier-Solgk examined the pros and cons of serial housing construction. One of his interlocutors was KZA director Nina Bendler.

Living as a part of general interest

In summer 2017, the German Academy for Urban and Regional Planning (Deutsche Akademie für Städtebau und Landesplanung, DASL) launched a new reading series, which bundles selected contributions from members and guests. KZA’s CEO Axel Koschany is represented with an essay in the first volume “Stadt Denken 1”.

[Umrisse]: Spectacular parking garage in the spot light

“Driving and Parking!” This is a thematic focus in the current issue of the German [Umrisse] Journal for construction culture. One of the projects presented is the Aldi South parking garage in Mülheim an der Ruhr that has been designed by KZA.

Süddeutsche Zeitung: Houses from a kit

Sabine Richter summarizes in the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper the future opportunities offered by modular housing. Her article in the August 11, 2017, issue is supplemented by an interview with Axel Koschany.

Internship as a door opener

What kind of experiences have we made as an office that has has given jobs to refugees? Carla Müting-Zimmer reports about this topic in an interview with Myrta Köhler for the current issue of the Berlin architecture magazine Competition. Read the article here.

PIER 78 in “The Sub/urban idea: From Terraced Houses to Residential Estates””

“Living at PIER 78” is the title of our housing project on the outskirts of the city center of Essen. The hardcover book “The Sub / Urban Idea: From Terraced Houses to Residential Estates”, published in October 2016 at Braun Publishing, summarizes the different architectural approaches to the current suburban development. Since 2008, more people …

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ARD Plusminus “Qualification of refugees”

German TV-channel “Das Erste” – Qualification of refugees: “How well are refugees actually trained and what qualifications do they really bring with them?” Our Syrian trainee Abdul Habrawi in an interview with WDR journalist Thomas Becker for the ARD magazine “Plusminus”.

AIT “Spending a weekend in Essen”

Article of our office in the March issue of the AIT. As real fans of the Ruhr area we have presented the most beautiful sites of Essen. Museum, shopping, restaurant and hotel tips included! Series “A weekend in …” Essen is located in Germany’s largest industrial region, the Ruhr area. In the former mining town, …

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WAZ “Refugees at KZA”

“The architecture office gives Syrian refugees a chance” was the title of the WAZ on 11th February 2016. The editor, Jennifer Schumacher, visited KZA and portrayed the current situation of refugees and their chances on the labor market, using the example of our Syrian KZA intern Abdulrahman Habrawi. Link to the article

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