In a nationwide multiple assignment procedure for the Augsburg commercial project Weitblick 1.7, Koschany + Zimmer Architects KZA took second place. The design foresees a five-storey building that, with its cubature and its luminous façade, catches the eye from afar – and thus lives up to its special position in the Augsburg Innovation Park.

The concept submitted by KZA takes into account the prominent location of the property. “The project forms a ‘keystone’ of the innovation park and thus has different directions from which it is perceived and developed,” says Markus Friedrich from the KZA competition team. “It was important for us to capture the many-sided relationships in urban planning so that our design works in all directions.”

Absorb and expand the qualities of surrounding structures

The basic idea was to absorb the surrounding structures with their qualities, to expand and to strengthen them. “From every perspective – from the vicinity of the district square as well as from the wide view of the main road – the architecture should be presented in ever new and concise form, stimulating the visitor to explore it in the spirit of the Innovation Park.”

The office building designed by KZA spans between the three corners of the property, forming three triangular courtyards between the wings of the building. These yards form the external address and driveway from the access road as well as the internal address along the pedestrian passage in the Innovation Park. The third courtyard takes up the flanking green space and integrates it into the grounds as a generous recreational area.

Catering facility and co-working places

The building is divided into three levels: The ground floor offers a public forum – in addition to a catering facility and kitchens, there are also innovative co-working places. It also provides space for research and development facilities that need the delivery area in the southern courtyard. In the three storeys above, the building displays full-surface office structures. Depending on the requirements of the tenants, each floor can be divided into up to four smaller units.

The border is an event floor with flexible conference areas. A light and media concept makes it possible to stage the event space in a variety of ways.