A tightrope walk between haute couture off the peg and tristesse in series: Axel Koschany will be giving two lectures on modular housing construction in the last week of March.

On Monday, 25 March, the managing partner of the KZA office will initially be a guest speaker at the annual conference on modular construction in Frankfurt on the Main. This is the fourth time that clients, architects and specialist planners will be informed about current developments and successful practical examples of modular construction. The event is organized by Management Forum Starnberg.

Serial building stands also in the center of an event named „hotspot“ in Bonn. The panel for the housing industry will be organized for the third time and takes place on Thursday, 28 March.  In the framework of the event, Axel Koschany presents the experiences of the KZA office in modular housing construction. Above all, he will discuss common prejudices.

In the following discussion forum, he also explains why sophisticated architecture and serial construction are by no means mutually exclusive. The event at Kameha Grand Hotel in Bonn is organized by gambit marketing & communication Incorporated from Dortmund.

Further information on the events can be found on the websites about the annual conference for modular construction and/or about the hotspot panel (in German).