The KZA office is sponsor of the German specialist journal for construction (Deutsche Bauzeitschrift DBZ) in December. The focus of the issue 12/2018 is on elemental building. The KZA team participated in the project selection and wrote two own contribution statements.

As in every DBZ issue, the editorial team presents particularly successful projects that are in line with the magazine’s general subject. This time there is, among other things, a description of the Jakarta Hotel in Amsterdam.

In an extensive article, Axel Koschany describes the winning design of the KZA office in the competition for serial construction. The architectural practice developed the modular construction concept in cooperation with the manufacturer ALHO.

In addition, Axel Koschany, Wolfgang Zimmer and Nina Bendler present their point of view on the issue. The title is “Interfere – otherwise things will happen without us”. Here, the authors give an overview of the preconditions that could make modular construction a success: good examples built under the active participation of architects.

Both contributions are available below in the download area (in German). The position statement is also available on the WEBSITE.