This year, as a team, we are back again, when it says: Go! KZA.
We have already been participating in the first company run in 2011 and are now looking forward to being part of it again this year with 14 runners and a big jubilation team.
Only when the runners slowly enter the starting field after the group photo has been taken, they will truly perceive the large amount of human beings. They will then hand over the last jackets and long trousers to their colleagues and can hardly wait for the starting signal.
Then: the start signal. Go up Rüttenscheider Street, past our office, turn right at the height of co-organizer Laufsport Brunert to the parking space of Messe Essen at the exhibition hall and into Gruga and into the finish at Tümmelwiese!
The cheering team is at our office and will be able to motivate the runners with sound support.
The conclusion takes place in a comfortable round in our office on the 5th floor … above the roofs of Essen.