Working as an architect or draftsman – is this a future option that meets my abilities and desires? At Koschany + Zimmer Architekten KZA in Essen, 65 high-school students have been able to find an answer to that question on Thursday. An event within the framework of TalentTage Ruhr displayed occupational areas within the construction industry from different perspectives. Apart from the employees of the architectural office, a study consultant and former trainee apprentices talked about their experiences.

Endurance, discipline and creative competence

“As architects, we have a great responsibility: we shape the environment and thus influence the lives of the people around us,” emphasized Carla Müting-Zimmer in her welcoming speech. Those who would like to take up this task must, however, first master their studies, as Prof. Ulrich Vinzelberg explained.

The study consultant from the Department of Architecture at FH Dortmund outlined the conditions for a successful conclusion: “Passion, perseverance and discipline, creative competence, but also technical and scientific skills.” The effort of 40 to 80 hours per week was worth investing, as Vinzelberg stressed. “Just do it,” he told the students.

From the first sketch to the finished building

Afterwards, some of the office’s employees gave an insight into their work routine: they showed the way from the first sketch to the finished building. In this context, it became clear that a large part of the tasks is edited with the help of computers. “Nowadays, building designers are rather modelers than draughtsmen,” said trainer Hans Protsch.

But which are future options after the professional training? There are many possible ways, as the conversation with three former KZA trainees showed. While Tanja Hennen still works as a permanent draftsman at KZA, Larissa Rohring and Marcel Greger have decided to pursue their studies in civil engineering.

“As an apprentice, I have been able to take responsibility quickly and am therefore very well prepared for my professional life,” Greger emphasized. Larissa Rohring has also used her experience as a draftswoman and her passion for math and physics during her studies. “Seeing that you are talented in something and that it is fun is the greatest motivation,” explained the young woman, who now works in the civil engineering department of her hometown. “That is why you should focus on your strengths when it comes to choosing a career,” she told her audience.

TalentTage Ruhr is the name of a series of events focusing on talent promotion in the Ruhr area. This year, more than 100 initiatives, universities and companies presented their career opportunities. As a training company, Koschany + Zimmer Architekten KZA participated for the second time. Previously, the architectural office had been offering a similar event for pupils of the Burggymnasium in Essen for several years.