The project Pier 78 in Essen is one of the winners in the competition “Viertel vor Grün 2018”. Koschany + Zimmer architects KZA have designed the living quarters on behalf of Essen Allbau Ltd. and supervised the construction as general planner. Now the landscape planning developed by the office plan b from Duisburg has been appreciated.

Pier 78 – these are 78 barrier-free and energy-efficient rental apartments that have been completed in 2013 in Essen, on a revitalized commercial area located between the city center and the university. The underlying concept does not only allow a juxtaposition of urban space and green areas. In the landscape design, the different user groups find tailor-made offers, too – no matter if singles, families or seniors.

In addition to that, high ecological and urban climatic goals were achieved: the roof surfaces are green, the rainwater flows into the adjacent lake, and the community garden with deciduous trees contributes to climate regulation.

Common areas in the courtyard provide opportunities for play and communication. Tenants of ground floor apartments can also use the interior as a garden. The transition to public space is particularly successful here: despite the inner-city situation, the residents’ privacy is ensured.

The competition jury particularly praised the varied and clearly structured design of the outdoor area as well as the “clever development of urban planning solutions for crime prevention”.

The award ceremony for the competition took place in the premises of the NRW Foundation in Düsseldorf. The competition was acclaimed by the Association of the Housing and Real Estate Industry Rhineland Westphalia and the Association of Gardening, Landscaping and Sports Field Construction in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Further information on the competition “Viertel vor Grün” and the winners has been compiled by the Association of Gardening, Landscaping and Sports Field Construction in North Rhine-Westphalia on their WEBSITE.

Photo of the award ceremony: © VdW Rheinland Westfalen / Baege

Photo from the project: © Allbau GmbH