On March 24, 2017, the 10th AMM Symposium on Color Strategies in Architecture and Communication entitled “ColorID” took place in Berlin at the Aedes Network Campus (ANCB). The master degree course for Architecture Media Management of the Bochum University of Applied Sciences organized this event within the scope of the Temporary Presentation. Fifteen students, as well as Prof. Jan R. Krause and Astrid Bornheim, were able to win nine prominent architects, scientists, artists and communication experts as speakers for the event.

Around seven weeks before the event, the students began to prepare it. They had to set up a website with suitable social media platforms, planned the event in the location, carried out a detailed PR work with posters and press releases, taken over the organization for the speakers and guest gifts, together with the sponsors that could be gained.
The exciting themes of the renowned speakers sparked great interest in the architectural scene. So it was that two weeks before the start of the event the registration was closed. There were 120 places in the architecturally exciting Aedes event hall, which were largely occupied on the day of the symposium. The room is erected on the corner; the speaker stands in this corner and presents his presentation in front of a screen. On both sides, rows of chairs have been built, which not only look at the speakers frontally. This unusual space constellation brings with it a dynamic presentation form and generates additional voltage. In the outside area, the over-the-corner situation creates a cozy inner courtyard, which was enjoyed during the breaks in wonderful sunshine with fresh, colorful smoothies or colored sparkling wine. Especially for the young students, this situation offered an interesting opportunity to talk with many important and well-known persons, and this chance was used extensively.

On the morning of the event, Hans-Jürgen Commerell, director of the ANCB, welcomed the numerous guests. Prof. Jan R. Krause moderated the symposium and introduced the individual lectures of the speakers. The first highlight of the day was Louisa Hutton’s speech on “Color and the City”, but also Martin Fröhlich, architect of AFF Architects, gave an exciting insight into his theme, the “Color and material strategies in architecture”. After the speech of Peter L. Wilson of Bolles + Wilson, there was a colored lunch nack for all guests, before Dr. Eva-Maria Barkhofen gave a lecture on the topic “Color strategies in the work of Hans Scharoun. If color is used, one should also admit color”. The other speakers, Astrid Bornheim, Bernd Jünger and Prof. Heike Klussmann, continued to provide fascinating insights into their use of color in everyday work. One of the special highlights of the day was Dr. Robert Meisner with his presentation on “False color strategies in space photographs”. This insight of the somewhat different kind, for architects rather unfamiliar, formed an interesting conclusion. The event ended with a colorful sparkling wine and a thank-you speech.

The response especially to the students was consistently positive and enthusiastic. In a bar the success was celebrated until late into the night, before they went back to the ruhr area the next day.