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As an established practice in its second generation in Essen, our office is based in the heart of the Ruhr metropolitan region. KZA draws its strength, capacity for innovation and individuality from this dynamic place.

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Our practice is of a size that means we can assemble the ideal team for each assignment, for each client and their requirements. Some of our colleagues have been with KZA for a great many years. They have the skills necessary to reliably and creatively accomplish the assigned tasks – from the first sketch to the finished building. We’ve been working with collaborative 3D BIMs (building information models) since 2015, too.






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Project management

The building blocks of project management

Experienced project management underlies every construction and planning task: starting with a kick-off meeting and an organigram of the planning and site management team. We professionally prepare for and follow up planning and coordination meetings and ensure planning and cost management quality by means of internal checkpoints. It goes without saying that we regularly monitor costs and deadlines and keep our clients informed about the current state of progress with monthly status reports. In addition to this, we document every work stage in a final report. We manage changes with decision memos and lists of outstanding issues, and finally supervise and monitor construction sites and offer a suitable health and safety coordination service.

The thing that connects planning and site management is the close scrutiny of a project's costs and economic key figures. From inception and throughout all stages. I would never have imagined I'd enjoy it so much!

Stefan Blieffert
Director and authorised signatory

KZA Expert panel meetings

Focused high-level discussions

We regularly devote time to addressing current real estate topics and invite experts with specialist theoretical and practical knowledge to join us. Our biannual expert panel meetings are a way for us to continually increase our specialist knowledge and expand our professional network as well as discuss the latest trends and innovations with experts from the construction and real estate industries.

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Our KZA Expert panel meetings

You can find an overview of topics here.

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We organize in-house training courses for our employees on a monthly basis. Our KZA Academy sniffs out innovative topics and products, addresses relevant innovations and regulations and is constantly on the lookout for perfect solutions.