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We believe

that what we do enriches the human environment.

For our clients…

… we’re both generalists and specialists, providing support with architectural questions and construction management tasks, as well as providing health and safety coordination and general planning services. We are proficient in BIM, we create master plans and cost projections and advise on project development matters. And we firmly believe that successful projects can only be developed in close partnership with our clients.

Management and Board of Directors

We develop projects in close partnership with our clients, planning specialists and other companies – advising, planning and building. We supervise the project from start to finish in an expedient and appropriate manner, so that our clients find the process an enriching experience. So that all involved are impressed by the outcome and look forward to the next project!

To the management

Company structure

Our practice is of a size that means we can assemble the ideal team for every assignment, for each client and their requirements. Some of our colleagues have been with KZA for a great many years. They have the skills necessary to reliably and creatively accomplish the assigned tasks – from the first sketch to the finished building. We have been working with collaborative 3D BIMs (building information models) since 2015, too.

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Our history

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Our office in the RüKONTOR

In the heart of the Ruhr metropolis ›

60 years of KZA

Founded in Essen in 1959, our practice’s head office is now located in the green and vibrant Rüttenscheid district in the heart of the Ruhr metropolitan region. It’s from here that we manage all local, regional, national and international construction projects.

Our office in the RüKONTOR